From The Cup To The Lip

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Struggling to come up with something to write that is unwritten. My mind dusts the cobwebs of creativity. Wearing a mask not to sneeze at the flurry of dust that takes flight once the clean up begins, my vision falls on a cup of tea.

There is an unseen link between writing and the art of tea-making. Both my favourites, the subtle connection between them caught me unawares, prodding me to pen on.

The idea for a write up materializes, like a strong urge to sip the sanity-inducing beverage. It buds, blooms and the water boils, beckoning to start the process.

The writer reaches for a pen, tea leaves fall and colour the boiling water. Words scrawled on the paper in a frenzy, the water bubbles, the essence of the leaves turning it a beautiful shade of brown.

You inhale the aroma, the concoction sparkles when the rays of the evening sun peek in to watch through the half-open window, jostling with the wind to get a privy seat. The writer smiles as the faint idea develops into a beautiful word-picture brimming the pages.

Then begins the process of filtration, sieving the tea leaves and editing out the words. The golden liquid dons a new look, fills a China cup and melts two cubes of sugar. The writer happy with the draft, writes a neat copy, ready to be consumed by eager minds. As the liquid passes through your mouth, you taste eternity, a million possibilities, a new beginning.

You see, poetry lives in everyday things. From the slant of light that puts the spotlight on a forgotten nook, to the chatter of the wind against the roof. There is much to see, to experience and much more to write. Your world is your inspiration.

Sanjana Varma

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