Mahasena by Kala Krishnan

From Mount Kailasa, the miracle begins. Shambu and Parvathi await the birth of their younger son, the supreme warrior. Born from Shambhu’s third eye as a ball of fire, son to the parents of the Universe, Muruga’s story begins.

His destiny already written, he is whisked away from his motherland by Agni as per the grand plan. Saraswati awaits to take him to his foster mothers, the Kritika sisters, the ageless and all-knowing. Once near them, the fireball separates and the six Kritika sisters witness six babies, each for one of them to take care of.

The six boys grow up, learning everything and enjoying life in the forest. The time is ripe, Shambu, Parvathi and Ganapathy come to take the boys back. At that moment the six children return to their unified form. Six boys merged to become Skandha, or Kandha as he is fondly called.

Although sad, he takes leave from his foster mothers and goes to his home. Coddled, loved and pampered, the little boy grows up unaware of his destiny. Everybody knows he’s meant for greatness. Little by little, he learns and the God-child sheds his old self to embrace the future. To face his energy Surapadman, he needs to be at his best. The story ends where it should actually begin. A beginning of the end if you will.

The first book of a trilogy, Mahasena is a page taken from Hindu mythology.

A fascinating, beautiful and poetic retelling of Lord Muruga’s life. The book traces the history of the Tamil language, its inception and its flourishing. A treasure chest of characters awaits you in this book.  Aambal, Indra, Surapadman, Kuyili, all different, all interwoven into the fabric of the story. Witness the birth of the universe, watch the vastness gurgle and burst. Listen to how the divine beings envisioned the universe, how they came into being and let yourself loose in this rich tale of divinity.

 English, drizzled with the honey of Tamil sits memorably on my palette. A journey I recommend to all mythology lovers. This book is meant for a great start. I really can’t wait for the rest.  

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