Right Under Your Nose by R.Giridharan

Right Under Your Nose by R. Giridharan

Vijay is a young and dutiful police officer from Nagpur. A recipient of the bravery award, he is well-known among the citizens. His accolades were resented by Rathore and Godbole who do their best to prevent Vijay from having a successful career.

Vijay witnessed a murder right in front of his eyes. Despite his efforts, it couldn’t be prevented. The killer made no efforts to run and surrendered on the spot. Anirudh, the victim was killed by Karun. Karun exacted revenge for the rape of his sister Kumudini.
Add a shady car into the scene and Vijay knew that Karun isn’t to blame.

This was just the beginning. Anirudh was a part of a research team that made a breakthrough in diabetes treatment. His teammates and scientists David and Mashelkar are killed. Bharat Rao escaped death and survives. Vijay was unjustly transferred to the Traffic department out of spite by Godbole. The case baffled the police force.

Enter Padmini, a clever crime reporter. Vijay and Padmini were drawn to each other from first sight. The duo with the help of Dalvi, another Police Officer, sets out to uncover the unnatural deaths before it’s too late. The crimes that were committed right under their nose seems to elude an ending.

A well-researched plot, simple language and suspense make this one enjoyable. A fast-paced book of diabolical joy. Strap yourself in for a supersonic ride.

4 thoughts on “Right Under Your Nose by R.Giridharan

  1. Hi AssortmentBox! 🙂
    I was surprised to see your avatar on my blog today. I remember you from years ago! I loved your name and you always posted an assortment of things for us to read. I left blogging for many years and just started up again last December. I blog nothing new …. just picked up where I left off.


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