Memory Movie

Perhaps one hot afternoon
Of your winter days,
You let it all unroll!
The moments that flew into the sky,
Now playing behind the screens of your eyes!

Your cold,numb hands
Catch the heat from the fire of memories!
Fled thoughts again,
Bright as embers
Peek into your mindscape!

Follow the water that
Run now through your arid life,
Smooth,then swift,
So it becomes a salve to the soul!

Sweet -saccharine smiles
Explode from the volcano of your mouth!
Trudge forward, on the cane of the past.
Away ! Away! From the cigarette stench
Of those bad days!

Eyes burn from the hit,
Follow,follow that little light
That leads from your depths!

Catch hold onto that
Frail rope of memory,
The laughter you shared,
The tears that you thought
That shall never run dry,
The person you thought was
The one !
The person that stayed !
You live the movie of life!

Remember..Oh! never forget,
The saga of a life well lived!
Dear soul,move on!
You are magic, you have always been!

Sanjana Varma

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