New Year

As the year is coming to an end, I took up the task of cleaning my ‘room’. A hoarder since I can remember , I found it hard to throw away stuff. Not just tangible stuff ! Every thing I had , whispered some memory I couldn’t do without. Sometimes a familiar smell, a familiar place or even a person who looks like someone whom I used to know, pushed me further into memories and I emerged very drunk on the past. That song which plays on the radio when I step into the store, caught me off-guard and I stumble . Opened drawers vomited papers of writings I had written a few years back . All those emotions that wreak havoc upon me gets an outlet through these words. An exorcism of sort yet some spirits cling on ! Misty eyed I fondled those pages that bore my thoughts . It was hard but I balled a few and threw them out. Cleaning the closet ,perhaps ,for a new baggage for a feeler like me. It is hard to be emotional in this world. The world will laugh, mock and brand you insane .So be it ! Grappling with the conundrum of who I am and what I should be still exists. It won’t be completely false to say that the journey there is getting easier. I like to consider myself as the diamond ring formation during a total solar eclipse. A love exists for all things dark, but I have a light that is not lesser than any other. This light I will brandish like a sword to battle out the years and hopefully arrive at the end why everything happened . Here is me wishing all a great year ahead ! A clean closet awaits, a new year and with a little luck a better morrow!

Happy New Year!

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