It was a strange sense of being watched that prodded me to look outside the window. I saw a white figure looking at me with such intensity that I was afraid it might drill a hole through my  skin!  The thing had a hypnotic stare, as if reading my mind it motioned me to follow it into the woods. Despite the fear of being laughed at by my friends I signed that I won’t. It closed its pupil less eyes , glueing mine as well. We ran through the green woods,  following the sound of some far away waterfall. My head reeled from the activity yet I couldn’t stop. Suddenly the lithesome white halted. I could smell the water, foaming and frothing in front of me. I looked up .Amazement knew no bounds when I realised that the waterfall fell from the sky to earth. Dumbfounded I kept looking up and down. Annoyed may be  , the thing took my hand in an icy cold hold. I tried to wriggle free scared by this strange being. It stepped into the pool , jerking me into the water. The water rose under our feet,  forming a plane some kind of a watery platform that lifted us into sky. Shocked and panicking my mind formed all scenarios of some ET kidnapping me into outer space. I did not know I was screaming until it put a finger to it’s lips. Pushed into darkness , I didn’t know where I was. I began to  float,  gravity lost its battle and the thing melted into the air. The place where space and time didn’t exist greeted me. Silence seemed music to my ears. I drank in all the sights , delighted to fly like a bird. I mimicked the planets rotating on its own axiz. I danced , the debris forming a tutu around me. Sun seemed to smile at my antics. I floated towards the Moon,  trying to feel her rocky face .She moved to face me, happiness forming a curve on her face. At last I felt like I was where I belong. Reunited with a lost place , where silence and slow time sings a different tune. 

Sanjana Varma 


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