The Calling

She had such a bond,
A presence she felt
Yet could not see,
Somethings are better felt ,
Left unseen.

She closed her eyes;
That saline tang pervaded her nose,
Entwined she felt with that vast blue.
In trance she let herself be claimed.
She sat now on the sandy shores,
Gazing where the cloud kissed
The ocean and zenith blushed pinkish gold.

She could hear the rhythm of the sea,
Her heart beats alike the roar of that azure beauty.
She need no shells to recollect her encounters !
Sea gulls beat a quick retreat ,
Leaving her to converse with her soul .
The breeze danced without a sound ,
Blowing off the frets
That lined her face .
Lightly tugging at her hair
Until it broke free ,
Medusa like spread from all sides.

Her eyes seemed to gain that glaze
Far away in her room
She sensed serenity serenading,
Life rushed back,
Awoke once again
To untangle the tangles that ensnared .



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