To Know me

It is not a simple feat
To know a soul like mine .
For I have a mind
Of many terrains
Sometimes like a rugged mountain ,
Often a field kissed by spring !

I have a galaxy of thoughts
Crowded in my head
A head always inside the clouds !
Stars in my eyes and rebellion in my veins !

I love like the depths of ocean
For fathoms unfathomable !
A wearer of heart on my sleeves
A conquest of emotions …

A woman of all seasons ,
A witch with the power
To conjure words to do her bidding
Through the incantations of writing …
A heart set on weathering out the storms ,
Scoring a bulls eye against my odds !

An illusionist , A dancer to
The tunes unheard to mortal ears
Come with me ,
If you could stand my thunder .
Come with me ,
If you can understand the eloquence of my silences !

I might be a light breeze in your life
Yet I will linger in your memories
A sweet after taste
Like the sand clung to your jeans
A reminder of your tryst with the sea …

 All Rights Reserved  SV


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