What’s your super power?

The land was blissfully soaking in the torrential rain and I let my mind wander along with the rain pearls that scattered upon on the rusty parapet of the Outhouse . The pearls resembled a lithesome figure , gliding to music finishing the act with finesse . The plants were bowed down with the weight of wet leaves yet they still held on to the ground. My overactive mind perhaps clinched on to this image, like a quote that asks you to hold on despite the battles you have to fight ahead. In the end everything works out for the best. That I guess is my super power, to create meaning out of normalcy. To weave the shattered shards of glass together into a kaleidoscope of visions and meanings. It just might be my imagination at work but this never ceases to calm me down. I always feel like a wide eyed child everytime I watch the rain. This sense of the need to find magic that many have given up on. No I don’t mean a fairy tale of a life. Magic for me is belief in mankind , in our ability to create , to change the world from rags to riches through the way of art and letters. It kind of makes me feel more independent ,for I believe you should definitely have a strong bond and understanding of yourself.. only then will the world make sense to you. I guess what I am trying to say is celebrate the quirks of your soul. You may not have many fans but you gotta be your friend first and the rest will all fall into place.

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