Heart to Heart 

She lay on her bunk in the moving bus. Drawing  aside the window  curtain ,she saw a starless night sky. The zenith resembled a stormy sea!  It echoed her mind,  grey,  ash- black the clouds changed  colour  to morph the forms of waves in a storm torn ocean. She yearned to see the moon,  how she wished for her confidant to materialise ! There suddenly  she caught a glimpse of Her,  hiding  behind the cloud skirts as if  a shy child. Perhaps  Luna(moon) was trying  to figure if she will lose interest  in her once she plays hard to get ,perhaps not.  She could  do this all night  long. Sleep was never a true friend  of hers. 
Moon quit her game and emerged out of her self imposed exile. She followed her while the bus sped, competing  with the moon to see if it could  rock her to sleep while her eyes were still trained on that diamond  in the sky. She poured  forth her heart,  fears and  truths. She listened  patiently  ,speaking  volumes with her pursed lips. Zeus perhaps bored with the sky storms decided  to end it,  the stars appeared  ,twinkling  here and there as if a  careless hand has strewn them upon the sky. In the darkness lights shone, flickering  like the light of a candle. It was fickle but still  there. Is this the way of the universe telling  her that everything  is going to  be alright ? That whatever  be the canvas and paint , life at the end will be picturesque  , a Davincian brilliancy in the making. Moon shone brighter now her rays flooding  the night . She  stretched her hands to hold hers. She whispered  ” Take a breath child,  this life is as crazy as it gets. You,  my love should  never  bow down. You are born to shine,  your lunacy and chaos are meant  to push you forward not to drag you in the mud! Believe  that everything  happens for the best,  never stop trying  and never stop living. ”
Pacified by her words,  her face acquired  a glow as warmth dispelled the cold doubts. She pondered whether all those faceless people  who once shared this bunk would have felt this way.  Would they have been pacified this way?  How are they living  now? There in the middle of nowhere  she sensed a feeling  of solidarity  with those faceless few.  She wished that they are doing  well and glanced once more at that stone of the zenith before her eyes drooped, satiated from the adventure. 

 All Rights  Reserved : SV


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