In Transit

( Hey, I know I have not posted for a while now. So when finally my muse struck a thought into my head I could not resist writing it down for you all! Enjoy ! )

The bus ride homeward bound
Listening to varied tongued lays
I chanced to see the road drenched ,
Tell tale signs of a torrid affair
A few hours past.

The sky attained an orange glow
Grey clouds thronged above.
The sun still crept past,
Her rays entwined with the
Fingers of the Byronic clouds ,
A medley of bright and mute.
Ah! What a sight to feast upon !
What an evening to feel alive !

The petrichor seemed to push
Its way magically through the glass.
The urban landscape seemed to fill
With a beauty found never before.
No words nor glances exchanged
Suddenly I felt loved !
Like a veil was lifted from my head
And I breathed for the first time !

I gasped, filling my lungs
With new found vigour.
My mind raced with ways
To preserve this evening
Hands desperately sought,
To pen down these thoughts.

A reminder to one and all
You may fall.
But this soul will go on
A few steps ahead,
Always in transit
Moving to lands visited and yet to be
Life lies await.


Lays = songs

Byronic = dark and brooding


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