She sang on !

Her ears adjusted to the soft pounding
on the parapet outside
Startled she rushed to her backyard
Unable to believe .

Bluish grey sky spread ahead
Rain flung down
Earth with gaped mouth
Drank in the colourless liquid.

Smell of first rain wafted
Through the breeze
Who circled around her
In a joyful embrace.

The rain pearls bungee jumped
From the plantain leaves
Shattering into atoms
When they met the lusty sand.

Ah ! What a sight to wake up to!
What a joy did this bring to
This pluvophilic mind !

The strings that remained untouched
Moved to create melody
Her lips brimmed with happiness
And on she went singing
With a spring in her steps to let her Waltz through the rest of her days.


2 thoughts on “She sang on !

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    constantly brings me back! I’m a long time follower, however I have never been compelled to leave
    a comment before. Thanks for the informative post.

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