The Reunion

The waves tickled her toes
She ran towards her blue element
United at last after a long separation
The sea arose as if to welcome
This child of hers
Lapping up to her knees
The air filled with glee.

Clad in her tight bun
Her hair wished to open up
To spread like tentacles
In all directions
Flying , lifting her spirit
Imprisoned by the mundane
Her eyes regained the lost sparkle
Glancing at the endless blue
The chords that tightened her lips
Slid away , a smile born radiant
Lights up her face ..

Sea enticed her still
Her shore replaced by shells
That adorned her feet
A shoe perfect for her untired feet.

Wisps of her long tangles
Teased her face
The sun sunk behind the clouds
Coloring the zenith red
Wistfully she tore her eyes away
Treading back her way,
Mixed feelings playing in her heart
Her ears listened to the music of waves
Until it was heard no more.


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