The Residue

( We all are inquisitive in our own ways. There are many questions that keep us thinking even if we know that we may never find solid answers for it yet it we persevere and that gives us sleepless nights .Some times its difficult to just let go with the flow.  These thoughts like the tea leaves refuse to become one with the  water.)

The Tea passed through the sieve
Leaves stuck in its deep.
Drops trickled down
Heftier the residue became,
Free from the trickles
That escaped through the holes
Still weighty , still unanswered.

Notions that take birth inside minds

Her senses all ablaze to

Learn those secrets that never

Opened their mouths before,

Adhering yet to the Creator’s brain.

Petulant mind cried ,

For  grabbing that Moon like truths

Knowing yet unknown the futility of it all.

She let’s go the thoughts
That escape through the holes
Like the course of the beverage.
The hand that held the cup
With sleep eluded eyes
Inhaled the lit cigarette
Breathed out the smoke
Exhaling the need to know
Now a waste,
Its weight weighing her mind no less.


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