The Stargazers

Lying down on the mattress on top of the terrace , I stared at the inky blue sky as midnight arrived in her chariot. The Moon was no where to be seen , sulking somewhere angry perhaps at the absence of clouds , her hand maidens . The zenith therefore was muted , specked with stars far away that gazed at me and my girls as we lay there at awe with the universe as if we saw the sky for the first time . After umpteen failed attempts to capture the view with our phone camera we resorted to capture it in our minds eye .

 The stars sensing my attention started moving here and there boosted by their pride . I felt the sky was shifting , circling our earth in slow motion. A fiery speck passed the countenance of the sky. Vainly I wished for it to be a shooting star , a wish granter at the end of this tumultuous year. My mind reasoned that it was not a shooting star but just my imagination running wild . Pacifying my unhappy self I resumed my night watch when to my amazement again I saw that shooting star , and I knew I was right. 

The universe gave me chance to assess my priorities and I was at loss as I did not know what to wish for! The silence except for the wind on the branches of coconut tree broken by a mild shriek from my friend who thought it was a ghost was exhilarating. Sleep never came to me , mosquitoes buzzed competing for attention and I swatted  them away. I understood what it felt to be alive , to actually breath,feeling everything that is happening around and also to feel so in tune with nature that to part from it would be to stick out like a sore thumb. The air was cold , refreshing to the sun scorched skin .

At 4 am we reluctantly dragged ourselves inside disturbed from our peace by the approaching dawn. The door clicked shutting us away from the paradise . The scenes still played behind my eye lids as I closed them before I slipped into an uneventful sleep.

This experience was surely etched in our our minds forever. As we approached the end of another year , we felt sure that our friendship will be strong despite the passage of time . This night will continue to impress , to receede the pallor of sadness that will accumulate in the years to come . These little joys left me dumb found, I smiled knowing that 2017 will have a great start.


Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous year ahead. Dream on , run mad against the waves that try to drown you. Peace and love .


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