Its Just a Matter of Rhythm

(Last week I was struck with a thought when I chanced to see the unity of people . My eyes witnessed a vision where people who were divided by religion and region become one to the heady strain of melam. I knew then and there that peace between Nations is not a dream but a possibility. Its just a matter finding the right rhythm that can sway us all and sweep us into the bliss of peace .)

The sticks met the drums
Elaathalam clapped with ecstasy
While Kombu trumpeted
Creating a heady strain.

Hands shot up into the air
Elephants decked with gold
Fanned their ears in excitement.

Moon witnessed this
From her balcony in the sky
The crowd swayed wild
Sweaty bodies huddled together
No difference , nay shame.

A sight that struck me
The notion stuck in my head

Peals of melam rocked the ground Reverberation caused

A feet to tap far away .

The temple ground attracted numerous
Contentment etched on the rainbow of faces
Music transported them into trance
Unity fostered through the bass
Dusk entwined his hands with midnight
Feasting on this heavenly sight
A world without war
A reality that is not afar
Its just a matter of finding the rhythm..

Kombu and elaathalam are musical instruments used for the festival.


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