I have been having trouble settling down to write recently . My mind could not fix on a topic which is appealing enough to let words flow uninhibitedly .Thinking along these lines I was laying down when I chanced to see cobwebs up on the roof and I was struck enough to compose a few sentences . That’s when it hit me , I always look for something more when right in front lay muses in abundance and I always tried to stand up on my toes to look for things to write about. And that’s how the following lines were born.


The artist was at work working his eight legs to spin invisible lines  covering up that part of the roof now extending to that old Grandfather clock .I stand dazed at how he can turn something mundane to  a mystery. A blood curdling howl for attention , to peel back those layers of cobwebs. To inspect those things unobserved living more free, independent from things which weigh us down. I came into contact with my urge to reconstruct commonly occurring things to a new height, something unexplored and never expected .These artists are despised as are their art yet I felt deeply for their efforts. I want to create like them .I would love to draw attention to those forgotten things , to move people to do what should be done . It’s beautiful how the weak yarns of spiderweb holds molecules of rain yet still holds itself upright again creating beauty like a diamond necklace strung by nature. It’s beautiful, elegant like all other natural creations to which we still have not opened up to.



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