Dancing Lights

The temperature dropped , bound in warm clothes I stood aghast at the play of lights. Green and red chasing each other , waltzing to their own rhythms . The lights unfurled like silk from a roll , blending to beget more colors .They created patterns on the dark canvas of sky. This day, I reached a sense of  bliss ; the echo of the truth that life is a blessing. Through the screen of my phone I was transported to  the North Pole. I felt the wind against my bundled up self playing with me trying to get my attention . Perhaps , he got jealous of my attention to the lights. A sight like this lifts me from the gloom, from the haze of doubts . It shows us our insignificance in this world , bowing Ego’s head in front of the Master craftsmen of this world whose creativity is unrivalled. It is on moments like this that inspire us to create beauty from the banal to make this insignificant life significant .For now my phone screen is all I have to witness this miracle from a distance which beckons me to fly all the way. The world is a miracle , life is a vial that contains this miracle . Let’s collect moments that stay on forever..



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