Demon On A Sandbox

I had this dream the other night that was creepy. There is an ornate wooden sandbox in my house and the left side of the box has a head of a demon crafted into. The legend ( in my dream )says that anyone who falls in the line of vision of that demon will lose their lives soon. I having not known that passed right the way forbidden when two people appeared out of no where and warned me that if I get inside the box and put some sand from the box on top of my head I am going to be fine before they disappeared .I did exactly like they told when the power went out , it was pitch black . I could hear a rumbling sound from a distance and even voices crying for help . I stepped out gripping through the darkness . I could not see anyone on the road and then I felt it ,a black hole grew right in front of me that sucked me into it and I woke up , scared but happy that it was a nightmare.

 Any of you had such bizarre dreams?  If you do let me know about them in the comments.

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