Everyone has a reason to love rain, well here is mine . I love rain because it refreshes me , its like eating menthol.I love it as it stands for a chance. The fact that anything drenched in rain attains a beauty be it a flower or a leaf which lifts it out of the ordinary. The grey clouds dim the sky giving a chance for colours of nature to shine through . I consider it like the universe is taking a back seat to let you find your way that this is a chance for us to make use of. Rain is a green signal to plunge forward to get what you want.


What are your reasons to love rain? Let me know in the comments

(P.s   The picture was downloaded from a site . The writing is mine .)


4 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Rain represents a clean start for it washes everything that is negative away. It is also used as a blanket to hide tears of grief to portray a sense of relief. It’s a way to cool off after a heated day. To be honest, rain is a form of shelter.

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