Vasudheva Kudumbakam(Whole World is My Family)

The sky brightened up, darkness receded like the water on sand, not a trace remained save for the rusted remains of war tanks that breathed its last the previous war. The barbed fences separated us, set by the war addicts running on four sides, a veil over our eyes preventing us from seeing the truth. From four sides came swarms of people holding tools running towards the fence. They halted at the front cornering the dark slitherer . A cry arose as the axes hacked the fence, brown, white, black all arms blur into unity. The fence fell the last remains of the rift which now became a scar closing in on complete resurrection. The people stared eye to eye, still unsure their eyes betrayed the confusion. One by one hands dropped the weapons, lips quivered to ape a friendly smile which seemed stuck somewhere in between mind and heart. No one moved except for the wind and dust, a child emerged from the Eastern end everyone stared in anticipation , she moved towards the West unscathed by fear or doubt she embraced a little girl clutching to the legs of her father. She responded , accepting that brown girl into her arms. The veil was lifted, everything seemed clear as day nationalities, race, religion all now converged, citizens of the world they became each a part of an extended family. Long lost brothers and sisters held each other, tears of joy and relief found an opening through the eyes. Angels above sang in unison, trumpets sounded announcing the arrival of eternal spring forever and ever. Will this remain a distant dream or a notion closing on fulfillment? Let’s hold hands and make this place a better one for our later generations.


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