The Secrets of Fire

(I associate fire with might. If you want something you need to be ready to get your hands burnt .Things do not come to us easily, we got to strive like a soldier to get to our dreams . Fire has always been there , even a little spark can create havoc . This spark to create is what I call hope . This poem hopes to rekindle that lost spark in all of you. Let the elements guide you towards your dreams.)

Fire consumed a wick
Transfixed I stared
Yearning to learn
All its secrets,
To be transported back in time
To be an only witness
Of the thoughts it savoured.

Suddenly my ears filled with
The beat of drums
As a tribe in a jungle
Danced dazed around
A fire.

I saw people praying ,
Lighting lamps in a temple
Dispelling fears from their minds.

A fly attracted by the burning Gold
Flew to its death
Perhaps he witnessed
His lover’s face.

A great viking lay dead
Floating down the river
Consumed by fire
Nearing the portal to his next life.

Smell of burnt ghee*#
Fills the air mingled with smoke
Packaging desires to be fulfilled
Towards heaven.

It bore me away to
That night ,when first man
Discovered this offspring of sun
Embers lighting up
Waking up from that long slumber.

Oh the secrets you hold
The things you never told,
Whispered to me
By your tongue
Satiating my hunger.

A creator and destructor
That lives within a single entity
You glorious element
Who found an abode in my thoughts
Lighting up the candle of dreams
Rekindling the spark that was
Forced to die.
I thank thee!
I thank thee kindred spirit!
*  Reference to ‘Yaga’ performed in India by Hindus for pleasing deities or for wish fulfilments.

#Ghee is a milk product which is sometimes used during these Yagas .


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