The Time Keeper

Man alone measures time.
Man alone Chimes the hour.
And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralysing fear that no other creature endures.
A fear of time running out.

True isn’t it? These words on the book jacket of Mitch Albom’s novel “The Time Keeper” resonated within me. A novel that preaches to us the importance of time in a non advising way. A beautiful tale of 3 people Dor , Sarah Lemon and Victor Delamonte fated to meet one day which gave all three a second chance at life .
Three different people, two different places and a single cause . The language is so simple yet it speaks volumes . The novel focuses on our desire to control time which is impossible.
We all are scared of death but it is true reality. Eternal life is not something which is enjoyable as told by Father Time in the book. There is a reason why we have limited time and we should make the best of it .

I absolutely love this book and that’s why I am recommending this one to all you folks .Grab a copy and dive in fellas!

Happy Reading . 🙂



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