The silent one

Lend me you ears!
Hear, oh hear!
Of that potent one
That conjurer who resides in her.

There she sat
Her head racing
Against thoughts
That run amok.

Her eyes seem to betray
What her tongue could never convey
Words seem stuck in her throat
Until the words crash
Onto the papers,
Soaking it with her imagination.

She perceives what she sees
Immersing herself into the
Pools of emotions.

She travels in her bubble blown
With the wind to uncharted lands
Blissful and competent
To take on life
A single sip at a time.

Mock her not,
Ye fickle world
She will never kneel
To your ways!
Count her not
As those that fell prey
To the lost dreams.

She will forever impress
Silently eloquent
For she was never mute
Yet the world is deaf
To the roars that
Arose from her depths….



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