Do you know him?


Once upon the hills of time lived a man. Youth had drained his vigor and arthritis conquered his limbs confining him to his chair and bed. Sometimes he stared earnestly out of the window perhaps  seeking a soul similar to his. He was always deep in thought gazing at the shattered dreams that lay before his feet as if willing them to come together. He was so garrulous that he bored others with his glorious past. Looking into those eyes grazed by cataract a thought strikes me so hard in the gut. The past , his past , I guess that is all he has . He bickers on about his senility and his dear ones his favorite pass time of the present.

He lives in another world oblivious to the present . His ears became deaf to the entreaties or he never chose to hear him. He talks at length about his position, feudal lord of the past , his face lights up at this thought  of being in control when everyone bowed to him. Times have changed yet he never loosened his grip on the archaic past .The yester –slaves still kept their space in humble fear of their lord. He snatches at those frayed ends for dear life as he considered them his only assets.

His meager pensions dwindled each month . This filled his heart with a tinge of sadness :the pomp of his past has met the dust leaving him and his memories behind. He  is stubborn like a child , always wanting his way and puffs up his cheek when admonished, like a child, who has entered his second turn at childhood. Hardships ,of course, he had to undergo yet his spine never bowed .He loved his family but couldn’t express .The scabs of injuries of the past had hardened his heart, making it impervious to love and shielded by ego stronger than iron.

He rejoiced at his jewels , his kids . A sadness still lingers mayhaps he had to let go of many things to reach where he is today. Had he dreamt to be someone else? About this his lips remain pursed . Looking at his face as he begins to ridicule someone..

My heart wishes , if only, if only he knew that he is loved , he still has a great support which he fails to grasp before the last confetti drops beckoning the fall of the curtain of his life.



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