The Hybrids

(This poem is about the struggle every woman or man goes through . It is dedicated to all the people from the colonies of yore. This tells you about the  search for identity  that is not defined by our colonial  or post colonial  past.)


We are the nation
It’s muscles and sinews
Stitched to the bones
Integral like the breath!

We think in a language so foreign
Speakers of amalgamated tongues
Our hearts beat same as yours.

Lonely among our own people
Lonely still in foreign lands
Wanderers with a lust for a home
That embrace our eccentricities.

Scorn us not you purists!
We ain’t enslaved by
What is not ours.

We are the thread of the world
We let go of the
Rusted notions
Happy to bounce
On the trampoline
Of oneness.

As citizens of the world
We will live
Not cooped in chicken cages
Of withering foundations.

We are the hybrids
We are the nation.




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