( Water is my favorite element .If I could  choose where I want to live , I would choose to live under the sea. )


Stretch your blue fingers
Let me hold your hands
Sail me into your depth
Like the grains of sand,
The souvenirs you
Take from shores.

Give me power
To live inside your womb,
Lull me to sleep
So I can wake anew.

Adopt me alike
your marine kin
Teach me skills,
And develop my gills.

Miraculous element
Merge me within
Your azure vastness.



What’s your favorite element?


8 thoughts on “Sea

  1. Awesome poem, loved the way it flowed. ;o) I like the saying at the bottom. My favorite element has to be wind(air). It loves to traverse from place to place lifting up people who are feeling down. ;o) I love wind!

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