Another memory


I sat in my backyard. Eyes grazing the life outside the four walls of my home . The ‘tulsi ‘ leaves burst into a dance ,coconut tree swung her locks , all other trees joined in the flash mob to the tune of wind . I stepped out ,the air played with my dark hair tickling me into laughter. The sky was overcast as if admonishing the innocence of wind for scaring away the dark bundles ready to pour over showering the land not yet dried from the last outpour.

I turned when I heard my name being called. After getting ready , Mother and I set out for a walk. It seemed the wind lost the war and the sky weeped joyful tears .Shielded with our umbrellas we began our walk .The weather was perfect for us pluviophiles. Traversing the wet roads , I saw puddles flowing to meet the canals on either sides of the way fulfilling their destiny like rivers meeting seas . Oil created rainbows in the flowing water brightening up the atmosphere.

Mother talked about how the now face – lifted houses looked when she was my age .She loved the fact that certain sides of our town remained the same , unaffected from the drudgery of commercialization and sleazy people that crowded there. The banter paused when a lone vehicle hooted somewhere in the distance. Silence though was comfortable , we moved on trying to drink in the sights rendered more beautiful by the drops of water from heaven. This walk led to another memory , another joy.





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