Best things



Looking back at the path I tread , slowly a realization creeps in. We always run behind what we think is the best for us ,be it a dress, a job or plethora of other stuff. Seldom do we actually achieve it , we have to go through a lot of struggle to get there , of course life is an uphill task there is no denial in that. The view of the world after the climb is exhilarating, it makes us feel alive , it makes each cell in our body dance to the daze of our success. It is beautiful , that feeling of conquering something. But if we slow down , take our life by each breath our eyes become focused on lesser noticed things. Things taken for granted , things lost in the tsunami of immaterial that drowned us and held us down .Parent’s love, unrestrained and energizing talks with our dear pals , a smile from a stranger or even a compliment that made our day, a song that opens the door to many a happy memory, your kids or future kids, your spouse ,all these and many more. Are not these the best things in life? Will there be any signs of happiness if the most important people in our lives disappear? I think not , so next time when you think the worst things in life come freely towards us without being asked , the best things , the actual stuff are not the things we need to run behind either . They are for free like the air we breath. Enjoy life !




17 thoughts on “Best things

  1. Yes! Beautifully written! πŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ˜Š. I always think of this: imagine that all you have now was taken away from you, and then given back to you again. Think how grateful you would be then! 😊😊😊

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