Life purpose


Life stretches far
We just a pin-point
In Her eyes
Gearing up for
An adventure
Into the seas
Of unknown.
Our hearts waver
Dancing to different
Tunes as the
Symphony of seasons
Rise and fall,
We shift our gaze
Craning our necks
In search of
That divine plan
Which launched us
On this planet.
We fight, run
Till it is within our
Grasp then it
Withers like autumn leaves
Merging with the soil
Shorn of meaning.
With a sinking feel
Realize ,this never
Was our purpose.
We plod ahead
Until our shadows
Catch up behind,
Though limbs
Become fragile
Our eyes acquire
A glaze of serenity,
Filled with wonder,
And a tinge of wisdom,
That purpose would
Perhaps have met
When our mind was
Set on something else,
A smile now creeps
Across our lips,
A contentment spreads
The time is ripe,
As our feet dip
The pool of death.




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