After Life

( Haven’t  we all thought what we would become after death? This poem is my interpretation of life after death.)


Ticking Time bombs
We all are
Since the time
Our feet caressed
The ground
Awaiting an explosion
That sends us shooting
Towards Zenith
Where we arise,
Now as stars
We grace the
Sky , watching
Our people
Distant and God like
Until we burst
Into stellar dust
Finally free
Insignificant , mere
Dust, finitely infinite
Forever to roam
The dark expanse.


6 thoughts on “After Life

  1. I’ve written about death too …. maybe one two many times. lol And I’ve read some poems about death that I didn’t realize were about death. I like a simple straight forward statement about it. But I do grieve for those that meet death tragically. 😦 My husband and I both want to be the first to go as we don’t want to think of life alone. ( We need to get our meager holdings in order. I need to find the key to the safe deposit box and a thousand other things. πŸ™‚ ) But here I sit in WP. lol

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  2. The title of this post is captivating…so many times I have thought about what life would be like after death, but most of the time it’s always scary to reflect on it, and then I just move on till that moment comes.

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