Reality vs Reelity

So there are many shows on TV these days which cater to different tastes. It gives an opportunity for people to showcase their talents and thereby helping them to acquire their dream careers.

All that is good but one thing about reality shows which I absolutely detest is the focus on personal elements of the contestants. I feel it is an intrusion into the contestant’s lives and privacies , I mean face it, they make people cry for our enjoyment!


There is a show I watched once and I hated it from the second I set my eyes on it . It involved “supposed” solving of family problems . They invited poor people because only they will come forward to such shows and use their tears to increase the channels ratings. I am sure that no one is seriously concerned with the welfare of the people , it is just a matter of money .

Emotions are a blessing that we have and these people debase it. This need to show off emotions I think has become one of the criteria for getting a place in the shows these days. ” Hey welcome all to blah blah show! Our contestant is Xxx and he comes from a poor background . He is an orphan who met with an accident and lost his legs yet he survives and he is here to compete on the show ”

Yes, it is good to see people who never give up despite misfortune and one question which always makes me laugh is ” How did you feel when such and such thing happened? ” I mean that is so absurd I am sure he/she felt crushed after the incident and then they egg them on to tell their sad tale .

Yes, everyone of us have a tale to tell and it should be told if we really want to and not for increasing the views of the show and never for economic benefits. People are special , every life , every story is meant to be celebrated but not in the ways propagated by these reality shows.

The marketing of others fears as well as secrets is not something which I can accept . Even if the people call the shows “reality shows” real sometimes I keep thinking are they real ? Their concern for others, their wish to help others are all these sincere? We don’t know what happens on the other side . Are they giving fake promises to gain fame?


I am not saying that to be emotional is something bad but just that abuse of it by the visual media is something which I cannot accept. Being emotional is a strength wear it like a badge of honor . If someone makes fun of it say to them its better to be emotional than have a hard heart.

If I had a say , I would definitely put a stop to these kind of shows . Certain aspects of our lives are meant to be shared with the people who are truly concerned about us and it should be kept that way.

What are your views?



10 thoughts on “Reality vs Reelity

  1. Reality shows are one of the biggest scams. The overflowing emotions, the always-present melodrama, oh don’t get me started. If the showmakers truly want to do something selfless they would just help them directly, and not use them to increase the trp. There are exceptions, that do truly bring awarrness to the audience and promite true talent, but they are the exception,not the norm.

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  2. Awesome……..emotions are what makes personality. Someone always told me to “Never apologize for your feelings because they are never wrong. Only the actions that follow can be deemed right or wrong.” But that’s where emotion enters the picture. I pay no attention to the facade of reality shows because it’s not reality to put your life on television, they know they’re on camera so it takes away the element of reality.

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