The release

( To all strong women who escaped or are on their way out of abusive relationships. Stay strong you all!)


She waited for
That mesmerizing day
For him to claim her
Amidst the happy din.
To sneak a glance
Of him in her
White dress
In between the clatter and chatter,
To hold the key to a new door
Sealed with a kiss in
Front of the altar.

Her spirits rose
When she pictured
His disarming smile,
She wished the
Yarns of time
Which lead to
That day
Unwound fast
Yet wanted that moment to last
That second to be still
Frozen, untouched
Forever by the passage of time.

That auspicious day did arrive
He approached in a manner so suave
They said their vows
In wedded bliss they were joined.

Little by little she found
Bits and parts which
Held not a place
In her once Mr Perfect
Horrified she became
When the tables turned.

She wished to cut the thread
For she did not want to live in dread
Now her spirit fell
His once beautiful lips
Twisted into a sneer
Ah! How she wished
To break free
From that walking nightmare
As she sat , tear stained
In her lawyers office.





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