The Other Hand : A Review


The Other Hand is written by Chris Cleave. A selfless tale of two women from two different worlds.


A Black woman who escapes from Nigeria to London seeks out a family she had met one fateful day .This day becomes the epicentre of the events that lead to the story which takes place  two years later  . She gives herself a new name , Little Bee and makes it to Sarah’s house who is the other important character. Her arrival opens a door she wished to close yet she decided to help Little Bee.

Little Bee still lives expecting the horrors from which she escaped to catch up with her . Although she is young and in need of help ,it is she who helps Sarah regain her lost balance in life .

The story takes a backtrack now and then . One of them had to make a terrible choice and lives in dread until it is revealed.

The frightening nightmares from which Little Bee escapes opens our eyes to the terrible plight faced by Nigerians and their losses. Little Bee wants to escape yet when her escape coincided with Sarah’s loss she embraces her fears.

This book  reminds us that kindness still exists and humanity still exists. The Other hand exudes reality, a tale so simple but gives a great message. This heart wrenching tale is a must read .


2 thoughts on “The Other Hand : A Review

  1. We read of these horrors every day in the paper and turn to the next page for sports or entertainment. Your review reminds me that these things are happening to real people …. but that there is still hope. ….. hopefully

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