Travel Bug



Travel bug had
Bitten me
The bite festered
covering my whole being.
Packing my belongings
In my backpack
My heart thud thudded
For the adventure .
A Crave for
Roaming the quaint
Old places,
Walking through
Paths etched
With the scent
Of history.
Sipping tea
On some road side bistro
Eyeing the flocks
Of people
Floating on the road.
Sampling their
Exotic ways ,
Laying on sandy shores
Immersed by the lull
Of the waves.
A yearn to bundle
Up in winter,
Watching the
Snowflakes kiss my palms,
To dive into
The laps of nature,
Making memories
Snapshots to adorn
My wall of life!
Unfulfilled they
Stare at me
My eyes don’t
Reflection of myself
Accuse me from
The mirror.
Dreams they are for now
My wanderlust
Tucked inside
The depths of
My soul
Awaiting their
Blissful release..



15 thoughts on “Travel Bug

  1. I envy those who can and do travel. But if someone said – let’s pack up and go, I would only offer to take them to the station and pick them up again. Some of my favorite blogs are those sharing their wanderlust. Satisfies my itch. πŸ™‚

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