Child Of The Night



Darkness engulfed
The world
Tucked in its
Cool blanket
The streets lit up
In yellow glow.

Empty was the
Road save for
The whistle of
Wind on the
Trees of the
Nearby homes.

The bliss of silence
Fragrance of peace
I felt alive.

Feeble voices inside
My head , spoke
Out thriving on
The ecstasy of
The night.

My mind buzzed
Hands itched for
The feel of a pen
The scratch of it
on the
pages thirsty
For the drips
Of ink.

Shadows of ideas
Attained a life
Sky in her finest
Black , decked
In all her stary jewellery
Witnessed the birth
Ruffling my locks
In approval
By the aid of
Her minion breeze.

In the distance
A wolf howled
An owl joined the
Cacophony of a melody
Absorbed I sat
On the dewy grass
Sleep never knocked
On my door,
For I am a
Child of the night,
Darkness my kin.
Night is still young
I sat soaking
In it’s flavors
Darkness held no fear.




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