Music streaming
Through my ear phones
I was lost in another world
Traffic rushed by
Oblivious I glanced
At the platoon of
Grey clouds on
The sky above.
I was struck
By the wish
To be a cloud
A traveler
Without baggage,
A wanderer
Without a cause,
Sliding through
Any course
Of its desire.
A shape shifter
A magician
Of nature
How many tales
Would it have
Seen unfold
Before its eyes?
How many places
Would it have
Graced with
Its presence?
Ah! I wish
I could
Rise up
And ask
That fluffy entity!



6 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. If you were a cloud, all eyes would be on you. Clouds where I live tell a story and become anything your heart desires, even the grey ones have a colorful message as well as picture. We always find something in a cloud that makes us happy. What would it be like to wake up everyday and travel where you want? I don’t know, but I do know that I loved reading this.

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