Little things


We strive to
Do things to
Make our life,
We run behind
The paths for
Self aggrandizement
We see yet
We are blind.

A few seconds
With our Kin,
A friendly smile
To lighten up
Some dreary soul
On the road.

A splash in
The rain,
Impromptu trips,
Nose buried
In some books.
A carefree moment
With our friends,
Our favorite song
Unexpectedly playing
On the radio.
Curling up
On the bed
On a rainy day,
Letting the air
Play with your hair.

Singing along to
Your song
Though bad
Like no one can hear
Little joys
Disguised in little things.

Take in the rush
Let go of the stress
Grasp the wishes
You fondled in
Your soul
Break way from the strife
Follow your heart
Reclaim your life !




6 thoughts on “Little things

  1. So true, people take the small things for granted sometimes. I was always taught that the little things are the big ones. People should remember, Happiness isn’t having everything you want, but it’s wanting what you have.

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