Wormwood : A Review

They say ” Never judge a book by it’s cover” but I beg to disagree. I went book hunting in a road side store when I found this beauty! Wormwood is written by G P Taylor.


I was attracted by its cover and title , the synopsis on the book jacket was interesting as well. When I started reading it I was hooked!

G P Taylor

Enter the lost world of 1756 London. The story revolves around Dr Sabian Blake ,astronomer scientist and a Cabalist, who has in possession an ancient leather bound book that holds the secrets of the universe. From this he finds that a comet called Wormwood is on its way to destroy our Earth.

As the story progresses we find Nemorensis has many other seekers for certain sinister purposes.

The book takes us on a supernatural journey with angels, demons and creatures from hell .
Blake and his effort to prevent the destruction of the planet provides the plot of the story.

Will Blake be able to save the world? Will he be able to stop the Evil that tries to sink its hooks onto our world? Grab a copy to find out!



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