I saw God

( I don’t think that there are many Gods , there is just one Creator , we call by many names we desire. I do not believe that God is invisible for He/She is visible in many forms everyday. God takes the form of Love, Compassion ,Kindness among many other forms. Serving our fellow humans ,nature and animals makes us closer to our Creator.)


I saw God
In an infant’s toothless smile
I saw God
In the eyes of my mother
I saw God
When my best friend
Was the shoulder
On which I cried
I saw Him
In the famished beggar
Who broke his bread
With a stray dog
I saw Him
In the colors of the world
I saw Him
In the Sun’s rays
I saw the light
I saw God
In all His glory…


© SV

9 thoughts on “I saw God

  1. A truly blessing statement. I believe he is everywhere too, every little step we take, He makes a big difference. You are a lovely and emotional writer that makes you one of the special ones.

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