Rise from the Ashes

( Dedicated to all victims of sexual abuse. Its not your fault but his cowardice , his soul crushing ego that clouds his understanding .  Let all of them rot on earth and hell! They may escape from the spineless laws of this world but not of the higher powers!)


Smoldering glances
Scalded her skin
Knife like jabs
Thrust into her femininity.
The searing pain
Burnt her flesh
A nightmare that
Kept repeating
On her life’s playlist.

She wished to
Embrace the earth
A return to her
True elements.
Her violater
Stewing in his
Own filth
His cries to escape
Just like her pleas
That cruel night
Seemed a symphony
She yearned to listen..

The need for justice
Became a realm
She wished to conquer
A Knightess
She became for others
Fighting for the same plight.

She willed to burst
Her past to flames
Consuming her fears
Her disgrace!

Reborn from her ashes
She donned her armor
For the fight!


12 thoughts on “Rise from the Ashes

  1. Beautiful piece. These thoughts completely resonate with mine. Your articles reminds me of a satirical video on the same theme called “It’s Your Fault”. I’ll post a link to it. If you are from India, you may know the actors in the clip – they are quite popular!

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      1. OMG! This is seriously funny! Thanks a lot! I love Kalki all the more now. Its such a shame , rapists are nothing but cowards and the laws which only kills them if the case is ” rarest of the rare ” is spineless! Women are considered as goddess and this is the treatment! : /

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      2. Exactly! Bang on. Just like the message in your poem, once the victims start treating it as no fault of theirs, and come out in the open regarding this, the society would have to track back its ways to being more gentlemanly.

        On a side note, I love Kalki too… πŸ˜€ Well, who doesn’t? Watch her Unblushed video. You’ll love that too. Wonderful rhythmic poetry! An absolute masterpiece.

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      3. πŸ™‚ I am glad at least all men don’t feel the same way! πŸ™‚ Those men who consider women for who they are true men ! A gentleman respects all women and is not biased in any way. Don’t ever change your views don’t let anyone else suck you into the that black hole of shame ! πŸ™‚

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