Ghost town


I chanced upon
A town blind
To the map.
No villager greeted me
No smiling face
Acknowledged this traveler
The horse tottered
To a still near
Gothic mansion
Shrouded in mystery
Beckoning me to
Take a detour
From my journey
I got down
Stepped on the
Threshold of the
Past glory….

The door creaked open
An eerie welcome
To an unwelcome guest
Candles lit up
By a hovering hand
With a wick


I witnessed a
Body supine on
The floor
Death written
All over that
Stony face
Melancholy song
Drifted in the air
I stared as the
Soulless fiend
Rose from his
An icy feeling gripped
My heart
He clawed at the
Floor , I tried
To run, yet felt
Rooted to the spot
Paralysed by the
Hypnotic glance
From two boney
Void that once were
A home for his eyes
He moved closer
Stench of the
Rotten flesh
Blew out my senses
And I met the

The sunlight streamed in
I sat up with a jolt
The traces of
yester night’s rendezvous
Reminded that
It was not a nightmare
I sprinted out of
The open doors
Scanned the perimeter
For my mare
I bolted a top her
And bid farewell
Forever from
That ghost town .


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