Free, yet in chains


Are we truly free? I turn this question in my mind making sleep a farfetched dream..

Our countries have gained freedom yet we are still in chains. Sad but it is the reality!

We are chained by societal norms, economic prospects, fears, doubts , lust and technology to name a few.
Every corner we turn there awaits a cage ready to confine us .


Being a woman has its own problems that yaps at our heels every step. Patriarchy tried its best to blow out the spark that we have taken years to light. Now we have made shades for our lamps and we guard it for ourselves.

Let’s fill our lives with memories and not stacks of notes which frankly we cannot fully utilise! Let us throw away the masks and laugh , let’s wear our hearts on sleeves , let’s live like its the last day on earth!

Why do we pull people down who make an effort to climb up? Let those that have guts emerge , let them disrupt the clock like way of their life, let them dance to the humdrums of life, let them live. Humans listen up , let’s live and not exist!

Our dreams , our identity sacrificed for acceptance into our society which is in itself fake and flake. Is this worth it? Are not our lives to be celebrated ?


I am not saying that I am not to be included in this list yet I have this urge to burst away , to melt the iron that stops me from plunging into the unknown depths. I do not know how to swim , I will drown , I will wake again. I want to feel alive not just to live!

I do not want to fit in the mould , I am a new race . I have felt the salt rubbed on my wounds, the searing pain and I am not ready to bow down yet. I want to be free in the true sense of the word . I want to be myself , I am an Angel , am devil! I am a mix , I am human. The rust eaten chains rattled , I gave a shake and shackles met the ground! The finite existence of this mortal now seemed infinite , full of possibilities and full of light.


11 thoughts on “Free, yet in chains

  1. Freedom, like the polar bear, it’s becoming an endangered thing. We can run in the fields of freedom all day but we’ll always be a prisoner in our mind. Our true self holds the key, but some have worn mask for so long, they’ve forgotten who they are. So much thought and emotion erupted from this piece which really does beg the question…..are we really secure with the prison we call freedom?

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