Hail to thee

I dedicate this to them who deserved to be praised for their talent of the written word. Had they the similar circumstances like other great writers they would also have been kept on a higher pedestal. This is for all unknown writers…..


Hail to thee
Unknown to fame
Hail to thee
Who could not tame
The world of words.

Your opus sit somewhere
In a musty room
Gathering years of dust
Which sometimes excite
A man to glance.
You who was devoid of identity
You who became known ..
Reduced to a mere date!

You who lay
In your coffin
Now clothed by earth,
You who wished once
To fly on the wings of poesy .

You who were
Shadowed by the
Great men of letters.

Cry not, for ye
Unfortunate Shakespeares
Lived not in vain.

You takes us on
A ride into the
Glorious past
You gave us a taste
Of serene life
You mute glory..
You filled us with
Joy alike those celebrated
You whose name we know not
Your life has not come to naught!
Hail to thee
Hail to thee…….




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