( Song is a language that everyone understands despite  their mother tongue . It is a voice that speaks to many at once. An injection of  endorphin that makes us explode with happiness. That’s the magic of songs, it is the variety that intensifies  the  beauty. All the genres have its own unique recipes and ingredients all sewn together to perfection. Sigh! I admire those who can sing . I am an eternal lover of music , I experiment sometimes with different genres but always listen to pop, soulful and slow songs. This poem is dedicated to all singers,musicians, songwriters as well as orchestra folks all over the world who have taken part to create something phenomenal like music. Thank you all and hope you enjoy it)


Words entwined with
Flow of music
My body glides
To it’s ebbs and flows
Uncontrolled limbs acquire
A new life.
I waltz alone
Enticed by it.
Lips lisping to
The familiar tunes
I reach a state
Of indefinable bliss
Surroundings blur
Faded thoughts
Sparkle again,
Purpose once lost
Peeps out from within
And everything is
Filled with meaning.

© SV


5 thoughts on “Songs

  1. Music is a portal, if I hear an oldie song I automatically think about how the adults danced to disco in their bell bottoms. I dabble in any genre because every song has a meaning, no one sings for nothing. I’m a rap and R&B buff myself, but I’ll try anything. There’s listening to music, and then there is hearing music and believe me, there’s a big difference. I even like musical movies like Pitch Perfect, not to sound like a sissy boy. That was a nice ode to song you wrote, I’m not even a singer and I appreciate you words.

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