Hey , you!
Don’t bow down!
You have worn the crown
Life has presented you with.

You conquered time
This is never a crime !
Sport your wrinkles
Don’t be ashamed of
Your calloused feet!

You are not defined
By your size.
You are not your color
Sun can only tan
Your skin !
Let the sags on your body
Tell the saga of your journey.

The crease on your face
Talks how you aged with grace.

You there, stand tall
As you were not afraid to fall.
Age will always creep
Don’t you forget
Beauty ain’t skin deep!

© SV


4 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Wow, this is wonderful, people need to learn to be proud of who they are. Trying these miracle creams and surgeries to try and be someone they’re not. This is such a magnificent manual on trying to teach everyone be proud of who you are and who you were. Lovely ode’ to the gracefully old.

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