Happy Women’s Day!

Man is incomplete without ‘Wo’man
Adam is incomplete without Madam


You see both are powerful , both are necessary to make this earth a great place. Times have changed yet this discrimination against women is never completely wiped out .

This women’s day let’s take a pledge that the coming generation would be better than us. Change begins at home . Teach our boys to respect women, be it mothers or sisters. Do not put forward the view that men don’t cry, they are humans with feelings as well! Women cry because its a way to get something out of our system so that we can move forward with a light heart .

Its always been “His story” , its time to turn the tables and claim our place . For men who understands the value of women  , keeping doing so and  for others  its time to open the blinds and look out .

I wish all grandmothers ,mothers , sisters , aunties a very happy women’s day! Stay strong, stay beautiful ! Believe and you will be what and where you want! That is true beauty.


Wrinkles mar not your beauty
Its a sign of your strength .


We all are worth everything great size , race , color ain’t got nothing against us! Smile and meet the world head on !

Be you!

Lots of Love



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