As Time Passes


Days have flown
Todays became yesterdays
Time skied along
With jet trails
Of smiles and tears
Left on our minds skies.

Beliefs , hopes changed
Like the tunes
To which our feet tap
Draining our vigour
Like a plant without sap.

We tread along
The winding path
Excited, unsure
About what might
Greet us at the
Next turn.

Attempts to peek
Into the future
The tarot cards
Spread in front
We a “Hanged Man”
At the mercy of
The fortune teller.

A bleak point
Far away
Our future awaits
Shrouded in mystery
Pregnant with anticipation
To be unwrapped like
A present.

© SV


4 thoughts on “As Time Passes

  1. And once the future unwraps,
    Then what?
    You get momentarily distracted
    By the shiny new toy
    You had been yearning for all this while,
    But like an overexcited child
    You lose interest in this toy
    As another one
    Much further ahead
    Distracts you,
    Draws you in
    With its shinier wrappings
    And multicoloured tassels.
    And the cycle continues.
    When you find your dream,
    You start looking for a new one.

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