A song about me


Hear me now
While I sing
A song about me.

21 years I flew
On this earth
Looking for
A place to perch
Finding a space
In pages
I soared ahead to
Make a mark in stages.

Road till there
Is filled with fear
But with little care
I fought my way
For I was determined to stay.

No greatness is achieved
Within short time
Under the earth
Pressed for millions
Of decades
Does a diamond
Begins its life.

Hope flickers still
Despite the winds
That beat on everytime
I moved forward.

Little things weigh more
Bring happiness to my core
When delved to darkness
By a little slip on the road.

The people in my life
Stones to my crown,
My spine and bone.

A dream I have to
Travel around the world
To drink in the sights
From the pot of nature.

I wish to meet
The hurdles with
A big leap
A smile always dancing
On my lips
And I will go prancing
Behind my desires.

Listen , listen
To a song about me.



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