If I had An Elder Brother


If I see a shooting star
I wish to heal a bleeding scar
I desire for a vaccine to loneliness
A hope for a comrade in darkness.

For a bond so strong
Forged like a sword
That cuts through the throng
To my rescue.

I pray for an elder brother
Who is unlike no other
A partner in crime
Plotting mischiefs to while away time.

I hope for a brother
Who lights up my life
Like Moon that brightens the sky.

As coveted as an unachievable prize
That I am unable to seize
I know it’s a hard task
For I cannot ask
So am denied to bask
In brotherly affection.

© SV

6 thoughts on “If I had An Elder Brother

  1. I am blessed to have a brother like I do. We are nothing but a stop humor machine that keeps each other laughing. I also have friends I call brother. Among a sea of girls in the family, a brother would be nice, just like this poem. Good write.

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